Nutritional Evaluation

How we work

Aidansfield Farm has unique strengths to be offered in this area as a commercial research facility.

The farm is available for commercial as well as grant funded research. Compared to larger research institutes the family farm possesses lower complexity and quicker decision making. The farm is capable of conducting research independently in a small business to small business capacity as well as in collaboration with larger and longer established research institutions.

Precision automation and continuous monitoring allow various diets to be analysed in the affect on cattle performance.

Cattle genetics, age, sex, health and management are uniform meaning any diet comparison will result in a true reading and uncorrupted by genetic or management variation.

Process control is highly refined and advanced.

A computer on the mixer wagon controls the delivery of ingredients via a control panel that commands bins and augers to discharge feed in sequence.

This level of automation and accuracy is new on a farm and indeed for a research farm. This ensures a very low level of variation on ration formulation to be managed accurately on a daily basis and be repeated without fail. This lifts the integrity of the research process substantially. Presentation of the feed ration mix is homogenised by precise control of the number of rotor turns performed per mix.

GrowSafe weigh cell feed troughs and individual animal electronic ID record feed intakes and in pen weighers weigh the cattle to monitor individual animal performance over the test period. Aidansfield has the capacity to accommodate 52 cattle in the GrowSafe facility at any one time.

Finally a dry matter oven and lab room with computers ensure accuracy to know the exact diet composition and record all data from the trail.

The data generated is secure and tamper proof via a sealed route to the on farm computers and remotely to GrowSafe and Keenan which provides the benefit of external oversight and verification of any research study being performed.

The applications are potentially endless.

Palatability trails to stimulate intake
Protein content comparison
Protein source comparison
Starch source / type comparison
Feed additives and mineral assessments.
Cattle behaviour interactions
Silage quality assessment.
& More