Aidansfield Salers

Our Pedigree Salers

Aidansfield Salers are a fully Breedplan recorded pedigree herd.

Assessments of weights and performance is thorough, enhanced via a test period for net feed efficiency (NFE) through the Aidansfield GrowSafe facility.

Health Scheme accredited the herd is BVD free and Johnes Class 1. The farm is in a TB 4 region.

Four top class breed recorded bulls are used


Tolquhon Bonaparte


Tolquhon Bonaparte is a breedplan, recorded bull. He has one of the highest scores for milk in the Salers book. He produces very milky, well muscled, strong cows with good temperament. Almost half the cows on the farm are his daughters. Several of his sons are now working to good effect.
Cleuchhead Kingpin


Cleuchhead Kingpin is a Gitan line bull, a very influential sire in France. He was first in his class at the Highland show in 2016 and also Salers sale champion in 2016. He produces calves that are very fast growing and possess good size and scale.


Highland is a very muscular bull. His progeny are very small at birth but grow rapidly. His daughters have good udders and temperament.


Gourmand is a bull that produces very balanced cattle with a wide pelvis and dark colour. He is sired by Doudou another well recognised bull in the French Salers AI studbook.


All heifers selected for breeding are assessed via Breedplan and the Aidansfield GrowSafe test facility for Net Feed Efficiency (NFE). The most efficient are kept as replacements and sold to customers anything not making the grade are fattened for high quality beef.

The bulls are also similarly assessed. Uniquely only the best bulls are offered for breeding sale. They must meet strict criteria for temperament, conformation, pelvic area, growth, Breedplan data and NFE. This limits bull sales to only 5 per annum, from a potential 60 offspring. This robust approach to continuous improvement ensures only the best genetics and temperament leave the farm for customers.

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