Supply Chain Effectiveness

Lean Mapping

Conor Colgan is a pioneer in applying Lean principles to farming. He offers these skills as complementary to the scientific research offer at the farm.

In 2009 as part of an MBA thesis he successfully Lean value stream mapped his entire business totalling 9 enterprises and separate value chains. A summary of this thesis was published in the International Journal Of Agricultural Management and can be viewed here.

Lean has a role post Brexit to enhance value for the consumer while increasing farming efficiency at time of change for the sector.

Aidansfield research farm offers the capacity to analyse how the products of the farm perform for the supply chain downstream and linking this back to the farm operations responsible.

Continuous improvement of product quality can optimise cost and enhance the price received by the farmer, through delivering better functionality of grain or beef to the processor, without having to increase the price paid by the final consumer.

These principles underpin both research and commercial farming at Aidansfield.

This strong economic and systems thinking approach will allow any research on genetics or diet to be financially elucidated in a farming and value chain context.